Utilities Customer Service

Sandee Braxton, Finance DirectorPayment Office: During regular business hours, Monday through Friday (except holidays) 8:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M., customers can pay in person or by phone.  Payments made by phone are assessed a 5% convenience fee.  In addition, payments may be placed in the drop box located in the south parking lot or paid online.  Online payments are made by clicking on the "Pay Online Button" from the home page.    

Residential Garbage Pickup:

All residential garbage is picked up on Tuesday, Wednesdays & Thursdays.  Garbage should be placed streetside by 7:00 AM on your scheduled collection day in the city issued cart. Garbage not placed in the cart will not be picked up.

Trash pickup:

The City requires trash, leaves, litter, etc., be placed in bags or containers suitable for expedient handling, except palm fronds & branches or other garden trash which cannot be practically placed in a container.

The City will not remove scrap, lumber, and debris from construction jobs.


Customer must come to customer service department. An Application & Agreement for service will be filled out. The application fee is $25.00.  At that time, the deposit must be paid. To submit an application, please click "Application for Agreement & Services" in the Quick Links section or follow this link: https://www.cityofwauchula.com/utilities-customer-service/webforms/application-agreement-services.


The City of Wauchula requires a service slip be signed before an account will be disconnected (except in cases of nonpayment).

Meter Tampering fee $300.00


In order to determine a potential or current customer’s deposit, the city of Wauchula will assess the credit risk of the customer using the screening tool ONLINE Utility Exchange at the point of application.  The city will charge a deposit only to those customers who pose a credit risk.  

  • Applicants who pose no credit risk will not be charged a deposit
  • Applicants who pose minimal credit risk will be charged a deposit equal to the average month’s usage for the service address during the preceding twelve months.
  • Applicants who pose substantial credit risk will be charged a deposit equal to two times the average month’s usage for the service address during the preceding 12 months. 

Deposits for residential accounts: Payments which are made on time for a period of two years, will be accepted as evidence of satisfactory credit.  The deposit may be refunded upon request.  No interest will be paid on deposit.

Bills- When Due and Delinquent:

Bills for utility service will be billed on a monthly basis. The bills shall be considered due and payable when mailed and shall be considered delinquent and subject to disconnection without further notice the twenty-fifth (25th) day after the bill is mailed. The due date is printed on the bill.

Non-receipt of an electric or water bill by a customer shall not release or diminish the obligation of the customer with respect to payment thereof on time. If you do not receive your bill, contact our office.

If the bill is not paid by the due date it will be sent out for collection and the full amount will be due, plus a $30.00 collection fee. If the collector is not paid, the service will be disconnected without further notice. After disconnection customer needs to pay the full amount plus cut fee of $45.00 and reconnect fee of $60.00. To reconnect between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm the reconnect fee will be $100.00.  There are no after hours reconnects.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Sandee Braxton Finance Director
Donna Ehrenkaufer Billing Manager
Christina Trevino Billing Specialist
Tricia Newman Customer Service Specialist
Berenice Arana Customer Service Specialist
Katie Wheeler Customer Service Specialist