City Manager

Terry Atchley, City ManagerDuties and Responsibilities:

A city manager is appointed by the City Commission to act as the chief executive officer of the City Manager, responsible for carrying out the direction of the City Commission through the administration and coordination of city operations, resources and assets, which includes:

  • Supporting the Commission with timely and complete information and advice;
  • Insuring that effective and efficient services are provided to meet community needs;
  • Supporting resident involvement in actions which affect them an the community;
  • Responding in a timely manner to requests for service
  • Preparing a draft annual city budget with options for Commission review;
  • Meeting with citizen groups to understand their needs better;
  • Providing executive leadership that encourages good performance by city personnel;
  • Operating the city with a professional understanding of how all city functions operate together to best effect.
  • Develop short and long range strategic planning and development strategies for the City’s future.


The City of Wauchula has been pursuing a new strategic plan and administrative agenda, and has determined that there is a critical need to implement and facilitate community development, community promotion, growth and management initiatives to take advantage of current and pending population shifts and development trends.  Basically, by utilizing a three-prong approach:

  • Develop the necessary infrastructure to attain, support and maintain our goals.
  • Develop and promote the City and its amenities as an attractive investment location and “the place to be” when the requisite infrastructure is in place.
  • To control and nurture the shape and content of the growth and development while maintaining the City’s integrity and heritage.

This planned approached was designed to specifically address what the Wauchula City Commission has outlined as the City’s key objectives:

  • Address the spectrum of residential housing needs.
  • Improve the City’s ability to retain the young people in the community.
  • Address the City’s short and long term economic and community growth and development challenges.
  • Set up mechanisms to accommodate growth and development .
  • Set up mechanisms to promote growth and development.
  • Set up mechanisms to sustain and control growth.   

These objectives can be achieved by taking full advantage of Wauchula’s strategic location and amenities, both natural and created.  

A good location is absolutely critical to any business, and local government in many respects is run as a business for the benefit of its residents.  A successful location means exposure and easy access.  Wauchula has been blessed with a perfect location. Why?

  • Central to everything in South Florida; Tampa, Bradenton, Orlando, Sebring, Okeechobee, all hour away or less.  Major population centers perfectly situated from the radial hub of Wauchula.  Excellent distribution location for ANY business desiring to reach maximum market area ·
  • Most attractive land prices and tax base in the region
  • Open space for any size commercial or industrial enterprise
  • Availability of essential infrastructure; water, sewer, electric power, roads
  • Available workforce
  • Expansion of housing, commercial and public amenities
  • An unsaturated and congestion free market base  

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Terry Atchley City Manager