Land Use Development Code

Article 1General Provisions
Pages 1-1 through 1-6 (33KB PDF)
Article 2Regulations for Specific Districts
Pages 2-1 through 2-76 (492KB PDF)
Article 3Development Standards
Pages 3-1 through 3-117 (1.1MB PDF)
Article 4Sign Regulations
Pages 4-1 through 4-28 (262KB PDF)
Article 5Resource Protection Standards
Pages 5-1 through 5-33 (152KB PDF)
Article 6Public Facility Monitoring and Permitting
Pages 6-1 through 6-21 (109KB PDF)
Article 7Development Approval Process
Pages 7-1 through 7-61 (256KB PDF)
Article 8Administration and Enforcement
Pages 8-1 through 8-23 (108KB PDF)
Article 9Definitions
Pages 9-1 though 9-69 (355KB PDF)
Complete ULDCComplete Printable PDF file