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Parking Project
The Parking Project kicked off Monday, May 20, 2013.  The Project includes 4 phases:
        1.  George Burris/Palmetto Street/Town Center/Main Street drainage
        2.  Town Center Parking Lot
        3.  Main Street & Hwy 17 Parking Lot
        4.  Heritage Park Parking Lot (to include a new parking lot adjacent to the Heritage Park Lot)

  • Phase I - A
  • 6/7/13 - New sidewalk poured along the west side of George Burris from Palmetto to just south of S & S Irrigation.  Sidewalk was also poured along the east side of George Burris along the depot.
  • 6/10/13 - The CRA Board approved the paving of Palmetto from Hwy 17 N to Hwy 17 S as part of the construction project.
  • Phase I - B
  • 7/1/13 - Some changes have been made to the project regarding the placement of the stormwater pipe.  It will now run under the Main Street sidewalk next to Cat's on Main.  The pavers will be removed and replaced once the pipe is in place.
  • 7/12/13 - The pipe is ready to make the turn into Town Center Plaza.  The drive accessing the Town Center Parking Lot from Main Street will be closed.  The businesses are all still open so don't let the construction keep you away.  Main Street Wauchula is offering a $5 coupon to be used at Cat's, Jellybeans, Magnolia Tree, S & S Irrigation and JP's Smokehouse BBQ.  The coupon can found the Main Street Wauchula Facebook page or at  
  • 7/18/13 - Like most construction projects, this one has had some changes, editions, complications....and rain.  The project schedule has been delayed with completion of Phase I estimated to be August 23rd.
  • 7/29/13 - The stormwater pipe is installed.  Now on to milling and repaving the access drive and parking from Main Street to Palmetto
  • 8/16/13 - The stormwater pipe is in place, milling, paving and restriping are complete.  The parking spaces in front of the Town Center Plaza businesses are now open for customers.  In addition, a new sidewalk has been put in place along Palmetto Avenue
PHASE CHANGE:  To help move the project along phase 3 and phase 4 have been swapped.  This will allow work on the new phase 3 (Heritage Park parking lot) to have some work take place simultaniously with phase 2  
  • Phase 2
  • 8/27/13 - The center of the Town Center parking lot has been milled and is being prepped for paving which should take place in about 2 weeks.  At that point the parking lot will still be closed for landscape islands, irrigation, lighting, electrical and curbing work to be completed.  Parking is available at the front of the stores along the Town Center Plaza as well as in the lot across Hwy 17 S.  During the paving of the center of the lot, Palmetto Street between Hwy 17 N. and Hwy 17 S. will also be paved and therefore will be closed for travel.
  • 9/6/13 - The parking lot is almost ready for paving.  The process for repaving Palmetto Street will begin next week with milling.  Please note that Palmetto Street will be closed during this time and will reopen once paving is complete.  
  • 9/16/13 - Palmetto Street paving is complete and the road is open for business.
  • 9/19/13 - The center of the Town Center parking lot has been paved and the landscaping is being installed.  Stop by and check out the progress.
  • 9/24/13 - While things are being wrapped up in Town Center, construction is now underway in the Heritage Park area.  A new parking lot is being constructed behind Giovanni's Main Street Kitchen.  This will add an additional 43 parking spaces for downtown Wauchula.  But don't worry, care has been taken to preserve the beautiful Oak canopy in that area.
  • 9/27/13 - With a bit of rain delay the parking is finally open!  There are still a few items that are not complete such as the installation of 2 light poles and a wall around the dumpster but these items do prohibit parking so visit your favorite shops and restaurants around the Town Center Plaza and enjoy our new lot!
  • Phase 3
  • 9/30/13 - Despite the rain the construction made some good progress over the past week.  Thank you to the City Electric Department for pitching in on the project.
  • 10/14/13 - The parking lot is in full construction mode.  The old parking area has been broken up and removed.  The new and old parking areas have been graded and leveled.
  • 10/17/13 - New sidewalks are being poured today!
  • 10/24/13 - Let the paving begin.  The parking is getting paved and just in time for this Friday's Fall Festival.  While the lot is open for the event there no stripes so proceed with caution when parking.
  • 11/4/13 - The 4th and final phase of the parking lot project is now underway at Hwy 17 and Main Street.
  • 12/3/13 - The final parking lot is striped and open just in time for tomorrow's Christmas parade.
  • 1/8/14 - Lights have been installed in the Town Center and Main Street/Hwy 17 Parking lots and power should be turned on to them today!  Almost finished!!
  • 2/7/14 - The City of Wauchula CRA will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the completion of the parking project on Monday, February 10th at 5:30pm in the Town Center parking lot.
  • 2/13/14 - The railing has been installed in front of the mural at the City Administration office.  The lights for that parking lot shipped from Canada on 2/6/14.  Pending weather we hope they will arrive next week.  To commemorate the beautiful parking lots "almost" completion, a ribbon was cut on Monday, February 10th.  Present were City Commissioners Dr. Peter Preston, Neda Cobb, Gary Smith, Kenneth Lambert, Mayor Keith Nadaskay, Mayor Protem John Freeman, City Manager Terry Atchley, CRA Coordinator Jessica Newman, and Kimley Horn Project Engineer Robert "Bo" Conerly.

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