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Local Resident Praises Wauchula Police Department
The Wauchula Police Department was recently praised via a 'Letter to the Editor' from a local resident.  The following letter was ran in the December 11, 2014 edition of the local paper, the Herald Advocate.

Dear Editor:

This is a true story about restoring faith, renewed faith in my higher power, in man, and in the law enforcement community specifically the Wauchula Police Department.  Friday night I worked until closing at the restuarant I am employed at and closing is at 11 p.m. After work I usually stop and sit on a park bench and relax before going home.  While sitting there a police car stops and a young officer gets out and pleasantly starts to talk to me. After a few minutes he returns to his patrol car and brings me back a hot meal he had obviously taken the time to prepare. I was shocked and overwhelmed by the gentleman’s kindness I was speechless.  

Upon further thought what had just happened I came to the conclusion that this kind young man assumed I was homeless and was just trying to be helpful.  Now as I said, I am employed and I have a warm safe place to live with food to eat.

So at this time I would like to say thank you to that kind young gentleman/police officer, (Sgt. Justin Wyatt) for not only restoring my faith in policemen but for reminding me that God
is in my life and that I am very blessed!  Two thumbs up to the Wauchula Police Department.

Blessed and overjoyed.

William Cobb

126 South 7th Avenue, Wauchula FL 33873   (863) 773-3131